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What does Quietly Good do?2021-03-25T16:06:46+00:00

Quietly Good is a trading name of The Exhibition Agency Ltd.

We publish The Quietly Good Newsletter, a bi-monthly journal dedicated to improving sales and marketing results.

We also provide training and consultancy specialising in revenue growth and increasing profitability.

Why the name, Quietly Good?2021-03-25T16:05:38+00:00

“Quietly Good” is a counter to the typical brash image associated with sales and with certain kinds of business management. 

There are many people, especially online, making outlandish promises about instant sales success or they talk about using their “sales secrets” and other self-promoting messages. 

Quietly Good is the total opposite of that “guru” style business. 

We focus more on the success of our clients than our image and “greatness.” 

Who will benefit most from The Quietly Good Newsletter?2021-03-25T16:03:22+00:00

The Quietly Good Newsletter is for anyone dealing with sales challenges in their work.

Business owner or employee; you can apply some or all of the solutions covered in each issue.

Marketing Directors and Managers will also benefit as many articles include suggestions for marketing and sales strategies.

If you are seeking tricks and fast fixes, don’t buy any issue of The Newsletter. If you do, you will be mightily disappointed.

Hard work and application are part and parcel of implementing successfully.

How often is the Newsletter published?2021-03-25T16:01:45+00:00

We publish a new Newsletter every other month.

In 2021 the schedule is; April/June/August/October/December.

Subjects covered in 2021 are as follows;

  • April: Achieving significant sales goals
  • June: Sales Management
  • August: Trade Show marketing
  • October: Objection handling
  • December: Utilsing unused sales and marketing capacity
Regarding copywriting, what does this cover?2021-03-25T16:00:12+00:00

I produce copy and content for wherever the written word can make sales. This includes

  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Blog posts
  • LinkedIn
  • Sales brochures and sales letters
  • Awards entry forms
  • Lead Magnets
  • Reports & whitepapers
  • Speeches and presentations
  • Newsletters

To discuss a copywriting project email david@quietlygood.com

What sort of consultancy do you offer?2021-03-25T15:59:39+00:00

The consultancy service is for the owners of small businesses and provides solutions for;

  • Increasing the number of enquiries coming into the business
  • Improving the conversion rate of enquiries to sales
  • Database development
  • Improved sales management

To discuss Consultancy in more detail email david@quietlygood.com

What kind of training do you provide?2021-03-25T15:57:10+00:00

Quietly Good can supply bespoke in-house training for sales and marketing related issues. Usually, this sort of training arises from a need or skills gap. For example;

  • Creating a powerful sales proposition
  • Handling and using objections to win sales
  • Closing sales
  • Sales management training
  • Email marketing training
  • Creating sales presentations
  • Presenting effectively

We also (from autumn 2021 onwards) will be running workshops on subjects like those listed above and others.

Do you handle sales for clients directly?2021-03-08T07:49:33+00:00

Only on a partnership or joint venture arrangement.

As a first step, email david@quietlygood.com with your contact details.

Speaking engagements2021-03-23T14:19:21+00:00

David O’Beirne can talk engagingly to audiences on subjects related to building sales, successful team management and event organising.

“Never be boring” sums-up his speaking and presenting approach.

Facts, combined with humour and candid observation are the hallmarks of his talks and speeches.

To discuss an upcoming engagement, email info@quietlygood.com

What’s the best way to contact you?2021-03-08T07:51:43+00:00