What problem does your sales consultancy service solve?

This service is for businesses experiencing a lack of sales or new incoming quality leads. Usually, the two issues are linked. 

How is a change brought about? 

We create bespoke marketing campaigns designed around individual clients and the markets they serve. 

We get to the bottom of why a sales problem exists. Most often, (but not always), it’s due to the positioning of the product or service. 

By applying direct marketing tactics, we first engage prospective clients and then convert them into buyers. 

Additionally, our sales planning skills organise marketing promotions into one overall, joined-up campaign.  

How is the consultancy service delivered?

  • A bespoke plan to suit the requirements of each individual business is created
  • The strategy is explained to the client and discussed; fine-tuning is applied if required
  • Agreed deadlines about the delivery of copy or research are included in the plan
  • If granted permission, we, can upload text directly to cleint websites, action email campaigns via client CRM’s or control the administration of their Adwords marketing. Alternatively, we send everything “upload ready” to the client
  • Weekly marketing reports are supplied to the client
  • A monthly, thirty-minute update call is held with each client to discuss progress

Why should a business owner want this service? 

  • The service fills a gap in the marketing of their business
  • It ensures that vital marketing work gets done
  • The owner has peace of mind about this side of their business operation
  • The increase in sales we generate will more than offset the costs of our service
  • We help businesses achieve their growth goals and work with the bigger objective always in mind

Why is employing you a better option than doing things ourselves?

  • When we handle marketing creation, we also deliver extra time to you or colleagues freeing you to work on the most urgent issues in your business
  • You know you will receive regularised marketing support – things you’ve been meaning to do will get done
  • We bring massive sales experience to bear on your behalf
  • Our skillset adds additional firepower to your business without the substantial overhead costs associated with employing staff specifically for these duties
  • If we aren’t delivering results you can terminate the agreement with a one month notice period

What results will I see immediately?

  • Regular and joined-up marketing of your business will start in week one
  • Marketing reports linked to sales performance commence as per the agreed schedule 
  • Clients also receive input into their sales planning if they want it  

What results should I expect to see within six weeks?

  • New incoming leads requesting specific actions
  • Better click rates from emails and web pages
  • Consistent messaging to your marketplace
  • A cleaner sales database
  • Depending on the product or service; new sales or an increase in live quotes on your “Building Sales” list 

Can you train our salespeople or marketing staff?

Yes, we can. Tell us which skills need improving or developing and we will design training to meet this need.  

What types of company won’t benefit from this service?

1. Any business that doesn’t have a prospect list will not benefit from this service. 

If you have a list even a disorganised one, I can work with you to improve its quality but you must have a prospect list of some kind if my busines is to help you make new sales. 

If you don’t have a list, we can help you build one as a separate service. 

Email david@quietlygood.com to discuss this subject in more detail. 

Why is this so important? 

A well organised and up to date list is the foundation stone of a growth strategy. 

Once we have a base with which to work, even a small one, we can employ the tactics outlined elsewhere on this page. 

Facebook and other social media platforms don’t qualify as prospect lists in our thinking because you don’t own the data.

If you fall foul of your favourite platform’s ever changing rules, your business will lose a massive part of its sales generation network. 

2. A business that can’t deliver what it promises

If your business regularly misses delivery deadlines or receives low ratings for product quality we can’t help until those problems are solved. 

That’s because we need to know that when we promote the massive difference your business makes in the lives of users, we need to speak with conviction. 

We need to know you can and will do what we promise.  

What’s the next step to take regarding working together? 

The next step is to email david@quietlygood.com so that we can arrange a telephone conversation to discuss how we might work together. 

Please advise when you are available for a 45-minute call and your phone number.

Prior to a call, we will send you a brief questionnaire. Your answers will be help us understand your business and marketing strategy a little better (some online research will also be done in advance of our call). 

Any information you supply will be treated in the strictest confidence. 

Finally; if we don’t think we can help your business, we will tell you as we don’t want to waste anyone’s time including our own. 

My email address is david@quietlygood.com

Very best, 

David O’Beirne