Trade shows: Being in the right place at the right time isn’t always an accident. How one exhibitor doubled sales every year for five years

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How To Make Money Exhibiting At Trade Shows

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From David O’Beirne, Publisher

If you organise trade show participation for your company, you’ll find this issue of The Quietly Good Newsletter extremely helpful. 

Events have come roaring back after an eighteen-month, Pandemic imposed absence. 

While exhibit halls were as empty as the Marie Celeste, you were probably busy with digital and any other form of marketing that would generate leads and sales. And quite rightly. 

This issue will show you how to make the most of those channels when they’re linked to event participation.  

The Trade Show Marketing Issue of The Quietly Good Newsletter shows you how to make event participation a paying proposition



Understanding the distinct advantages trade shows offer
will help you achieve above average results.

If digital marketing is where you’ve been spending most of
your time recently this will be very useful.

If you want new perspectives and new ideas for event marketing,
the contents of this issue will fit the bill. 




How will you benefit from this issue?

  • It shows you how to ensure event participation is always a paying proposition
  • You’ll learn how to compare leads and sales from events against other forms of marketing
  • It will prompt you to grade the sources of your company’s most profitable sales so you can see where you should allocate more of your marketing spend
  • If you want to boost sales in the upcoming financial year, this issue shows you how
  • It offers you a guide to attracting higher numbers of the “right” visitors to your stand
  • It shows you the route to take to become a speaker at conferences and seminars allied to trade shows
  • After such a long absence, you’ll have a refresher of the best ways to use trade exhibitions
  • You will know how to guard against one of the biggest dangers to event success
  • You will also be reminded about when not to exhibit

Don’t buy this issue if you are seeking descriptions of exhibition stands and layouts.
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Here’s a fast summary as to why this subject is essential especially if own or manage a small or medium-sized enterprise;

  • Trade shows are back and they’re busy.
  • Exhibitions offer a predictable form of marketing.
  • On a defined date in a named venue, hundreds, perhaps thousands of potential buyers of your product will be gathered in one place
  • After an enforced gap, buyers are keen to source new ideas and   suppliers.
  • Buy this issue to learn how to attract and sell the companies you most want to be doing business with in the future.
  • Sales success is no accident.


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David O’Beirne