Reach Targets Faster By Converting Sceptical Buyers
Turn More Prospects Into Cash For You And Your Business 

From David O’Beirne, Publisher

How much better would your sales and revenue figure look if you could turn more of the people you pitch into clients?

You can get an idea of how much better things would be with a simple calculation.

Let’s say that your business converts 1,000 individual sales each year with an average value of £500.

Total annual sales will be £500,000 or thereabouts.

To achieve those one thousand individual sales, your team will have made many more than 1,000 calls. Perhaps hundreds more.

If you convert ten per cent of the people who didn’t buy, you could likely add £25,000 – £50,000 to your total revenue.

That’s fifty and one hundred conversions, respectively and annually.

As they say in America, your mileage may vary.

Only you can gauge the realistic metrics for your business.

You may sell to fewer clients but with a higher-priced product or service.

Alternatively, you may close sales with many more but at a lower value.

It’s your numbers, not mine, that count.

The goal is to quantify the likely revenue a focus on overcoming objections could deliver for your business in the coming year.

It’s about taking an educated guess at how many additional prospective clients you could convert and the value those sales will deliver.

Add to your estimate the lifetime value of those converted clients, and you see why the business of converting sceptical buyers is vital and profitable.

In this issue you’ll learn;

  • How to overcome sales blocking obstacles
  • Why objections are helpful if you want your business to grow
  • Which objections to deal with first
  • Why buyers say no and how to overcome their resistance to your advances
  • How to use marketing like a minesweeper, removing objections from the minds of would-be buyers before your sales team calls on them
  • A different objection handling approach for training your sales team
  • How to get buyers to make a case within their companies for buying from yours
  • Tips for effective objection-focused copywriting
  • How low-risk offers can pave the way to a first sale with a negative prospect

This Newsletter will show you how to take a strategic approach to defeating objections 

>Learn how marketing can design objections out of buyers minds

Instead of facing objections when you or your team try to make a sale, learn how to use your ongoing marketing to pave the way to better results. Designing out objections will boost sales, and increase the value gained from your marketing spend.

>See why objections are helpful if you want your business to grow

Seeing sales objections in this light highlights new sales opportunities you probably aren’t exploiting currently. We’re talking about new ways to achieve higher conversion rates.

>Learn why buyers say no and how to overcome THEIR stumbling blocks 

Read how to approach buyers in a more innovative way, one they are more receptive to and will welcome.

>Know which objections to deal with first 

This knowledge will ensure you make faster progress in overturning objections and growing new sales.

>Use the structured sales calls tip sheet to convert more buyers

Save time and thinking by using the ready-made script and method included in this issue. The suggested structure is a template you can use to answer most B2B objections. 

>Get tips for copywriting 

Also supplied are guidance notes for copywriting. Save time and get better results by using the template example inside this issue.

>Learn how objections can guide your market positioning

If you’ve been looking for ways to make your marketing resonate more deeply with your target audience, this issue will show you how you can use objections buyers raise to do this.

>See how to convince buyers to make a case for your product or service within their businesses 

Would you like to know how to motivate a buyer to act on your behalf and advance the case for buying your company’s product or service? See page 9 for details.

>Learn why making connections between what you offer and the problems you solve is essential

When you add this additional element or layer to your marketing, you defeat objections while at the same time promoting your business.

>See how you can use buyer objections to your product or service to win sales 

You will learn how to take “obstacles” and use them for your benefit and make sales. Learn how to profit from the objections you’ve already overcome and the sales you’ve made to date.

>Use low-risk ways to pave the way to a sale

Also included is a list of ideas you can use to start changing minds and get sales moving.

>All of this information is within one easy to digest and apply guide 

Save masses of valuable learning time. This issue, packed with actionable tips and advice, is written in easy to understand language.

>This issue’s author is David O’Beirne, a seasoned sales professional with forty years of sales experience

David O’Beirne has sold intangibles like advertising, sponsorship, and exhibition participation for forty years. It’s one of the most challenging sales arenas where objections and competition abound. Put his vast experience to work on your behalf.


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