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How To Build A High-Performing Team Starting Today

From David O’Beirne, Publisher

A happy and productive team is a privilege to lead.

With positive and self-directed colleagues, you have time for the tasks essential to the growth of the business and your career. 

Not only is your team happier and more productive, but it’s also likely that their earnings match their expectations.

Less of your time goes into managing and steering troublesome colleagues.

And, because of this, there is less stress and strife in the wider team.


If that’s your current situation, congrats; you have achieved something many other managers or business owners would love.

However, if that doesn’t describe your current situation, what can you change starting today?

Buying this issue of The Quietly Good Newsletter is an excellent place to start.

It shows how to create a high-performing team starting with the people you already work with and manage.


Here’s what’s covered 

  • How to assess the strengths and weaknesses within a team
  • How to fill the skill gaps in your team
  • Why Position Contracts are more valuable than Job Descriptions
  • How to hire the best people you can afford
  • How to develop a company or team culture
  • Truths about motivation
  • How to create a can-do culture
  • How to make work-life rewarding and, quite possibly, FUN
  • Team development
  • Hiring the right people
  • Handling the risks associated with bringing in new people to an established team
  • Performance reviews
  • The role of freelancers
  • Developing a closer group of people
  • Handling people problems
  • Sales management
  • Using incentives to get what you want

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