Giant Leaps In Revenue Are Not An Accident
How To Achieve Massive Leaps In Sales

From David O’Beirne, Publisher

Moving from one revenue level to one much higher is the subject of this issue of The Quietly Good Newsletter. 

Business owners with or without a background in sales or marketing will benefit from what’s covered as will those who work directly in sales. 

Be aware that the subject matter will work best for businesses that have established revenue on which to build.

If you’re from a startup, much of what’s covered will be helpful, but perhaps not all.  

Subjects covered include; 

"Play Nice but Win" is the title of a new book by Michael Dell. Contrary to popular belief, being capable doesn't mean you're meek or weak. 

>How to break a giant-leap revenue goal into manageable chunks 

>How to realistically identify the gap between current revenue and your goal 

>An action plan to guide whom you should target first 

>Ways to close the gap to your objective faster 

>How your marketing can attract higher value orders

>A guide to the content that should be in sales reports 

>Marketing strategies to bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be 

>How to build milestones into your sales plan that will keep you on track 

>Addressing issues that could scupper your growth project before they occur 

>Tips for increasing sales with current and past clients 

About the content of this newsletter

The necessity and pressure for sales growth is ever present if you own a business or if you are a senior manager.

However, growth for it’s own sake is useless if it isn’t profitable.

So nothing you’ll read in this issue will encourage you to make sales at the expense of margin.

Nor will it encourage you or your business to venture into untried territory. Those are not paths to increased profits or excellent mental health.

Instead, you will have a strategy for building sales growth into your business, department or division.

And it’s strategy that makes the difference over time.

If you want to get your sales growth plan organised, buy this newsletter.

Buy it too if you want to feel more in control of what’s happening. To move from reactive to proactive.

If you’ve never been taught the structure of sales planning, you’ll find the content invaluable.

Buyer benefits 

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Email access; If you have questions about any aspect of content, you can email me, and I will reply with an answer to your question.

It’s not a business consultancy service, but I am keen to help with questions raised about the topic.

Just in case you’re wondering how the content of this issue could be useful to you; You can; 

  • Quickly see new revenue possibilities 
  • Save heaps of planning and thinking time; this issue shows you where to start work first
  • Very quickly see where your best sales possibilities are to be found
  • Use one or more of the marketing strategies suggested from the section “Marketing to bridge the Gap”
  • Head off sales-related production problems before they occur 
  • See how to use existing clients to attract others 
  • Improve your sales planning skills   

As much content or more than many seminars but without the need to travel or attend virtually

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Each newsletter offers as much or more content than many seminars but without the need for you to travel or sit through a virtual meeting. 

Therefore saving you invaluable time and money.

And, as already mentioned, you do have the opportunity to email me with any questions you may have about the subject covered in the issue you purchased.  

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David O’Beirne