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Back in the 1980s, a slogan used by The Apathy Party in the US caught my attention.

Actually, it was the name of the party that snagged me first.

The Apathy Party. 

I couldn’t believe it was a real thing, but it was.

They had policies, candidates and two slogans I remember and use to this day.

Here’s the first;

“When all is said and done, more will be said than done.”  

I loved the “to the point” brilliance of the statement.

However, even more impressive than their honesty statement was the strapline running beneath their name;

“We’ve got what it takes to take what you got.” 

The funny thing is, over the years, I’m sure that I’ve worked with or managed some closet members of that party.

Maybe you have too.

You know, the ones who obstruct ideas or disrupt teams with selfish or lazy behaviour.

Or some of the people you’ve had the pleasure of meeting in sales negotiations.

The big shots whose idea of negotiation is to take everything they want and give you zilch or less in return.

Ah, those warm feelings are flooding right back.

The great thing about working for as long as I have is that you get to know the wiles of those party poopers.

Better still, you learn how to deal with them.

Every issue of The Quietly Good Newsletter includes defeating apathy and negativity in sales, marketing or team development.

Try one, and you’ll see for yourself.

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David O’Beirne 

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