If you’re wondering where to spend valuable marketing funds for lead generation, think about trade shows. 

On a given date, in a widely known and publicised location, buyers will converge. 

Spend £X’s to exhibit your wares, meet many (interested) prospects, collect their details and start an accelerated sales process. 

It’s a beautifully, predictable form of marketing.  

And it works even better if you know how to make the most of the opportunities events present. 

That’s where the Trade Show Marketing Issue of The Quietly Good Newsletter comes in. 

It shows you how to make the ancient art of exhibiting a paying and predictable proposition. 

People who like guesswork and chance will hate it. 

However, if you like having some predictability in your sales year, you’ll find details here.  

And there’s a juicy discount to be had too for just a while longer (predictably, it ends soon).  

Very best, 

David O’Beirne

Published On: November 18th, 2021 / Categories: The Quietly Good Blog /

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