“Play Nice but Win” is the title of a new book by Michael Dell. 

That’s Michael Dell, who founded PC Limited, a company renamed and better known as Dell Technologies. 

Perhaps like me, you’ve owned one or more of their laptops. 

I haven’t read his book yet, but I will soon. 

I like the title because I’ve always tried to work that way, even when colleagues and competitors played anything but nice. 

Contrary to popular belief, being quietly good and capable doesn’t mean you’re meek or weak. 

It’s a way of working that’s as powerful, often more so than the tactics of louder personalities who don’t take the time to think more deeply about a situation. 

One of those situations relates to sales, primarily where problems exist. 

That’s when studying and observing what’s happening helps achieve turnarounds and solutions even with the most unglamorous of products or services. 

I mention all of this because “The Achieving Tough Sales Goals” issue of The Quietly Good Newsletter will be helpful to anyone looking for a proven strategy for moving sales from one level to one much higher.

It’s a digital download of hard-won knowledge that shows you to play the sales game well and win. 

You can see what’s covered by clicking this link. 

Very best,  


David O’Beirne 

Published On: October 27th, 2021 / Categories: Performance Improvement, The Quietly Good Blog /

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