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Lately, articles about the subject of mental health abound.

Stress, burnout, and fear being three recurring themes. 

The causes of anxiety are many, from climate change to lack of financial security. 

For business owners, stress is part of the deal. 

You have cash flow problems, shortfalls in sales and staff issues to deal with, among many others. 

Here’s a different aspect of this issue to consider

A recent survey of more than 1700 employees and business leaders in the US found;

” That a third of employees were thinking of leaving their present job.” The reason they gave was “to protect their mental health.”

“A Report on the Changing Attitudes About Mental Health Care and the Workplace,” highlights significant differences in the way employees and employers view the subject. 

What’s apparent is the mismatch in opinion about just how well things are going.

Bosses thought they were doing a good job.

But with a third of staff planning to leave, they can’t be doing as well as they think. 

A related article highlighted how management’s lack of a believable plan for overcoming business-related problems could also harm mental health.

Fears around job security, the potential loss of bonuses and benefits, or a belief employees will need to work longer hours are triggered by the lack of faith in Management. 

The cure for ending fears and banishing negativity (which springs from fear) lies in presenting a clear plan to solve the problem. 

It’s why having a plan you and your team believe in is good for everyone connected with the business.

The Quietly Good Newsletter has an issue dedicated to this vital subject.

You can see what’s covered by clicking this link. 

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