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One of the many casualties of the Pandemic was the pub quiz.

Pre-Pandemic, more than 20,000 pubs across the country held a quiz once or twice a week. 

They were excellent for business, attracting new “regulars”, who boosted drink and food sales. 

Happily, for pubs and quiz fans, they have returned. 

I’m fond of a quiz myself and have attended three or four over the past few weeks. 

Not knowing what the questions will be or how your brain will be tested is a big attraction, as is the chance to relax with friends. 

Winning the bar tab prize is, of course, also an attraction. 

Those “free” drinks taste all the better on the rare occasions our team have hit the first spot. 

However, the fun comes from being tested by questions about music, sport, London rail stations, famous landmarks, chemical elements and other assorted stuff. 

It’s not University Challenge level but testing, and at times maddening, all the same. 

From a marketing point of view, the quiz is a simple concept that produces an excellent return. 

It’s a regular slot producing income and, in many cases attracting a different demographic to the business, even if for only one or two days of the week. 

What’s the equivalent for your business? 

One answer could be regular email marketing to your prospect or client list. 

The objective? To build rapport, engagement, enquiries and ultimately sales. 

Like the pub quiz, there are many aspects to your business and what it offers.

Some of those things can widen the group of people that you talk to within your target businesses.  

Make those communications interesting and relevant to the recipients, and increasing numbers will read and engage. 

One thing that will hamper progress is an email list that has holes in it. 

The Pandemic not only put a stop to pub quizzes, it also increased bounce rates in email marketing. 

Many thousands of people moved jobs. Some because they wanted to and others because they had no choice.  

If your email marketing is less effective because your list needs updating, our validation and testing service will deliver a tighter and more responsive list. 

Details are shown on this page. 

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David O’Beirne 

Published On: October 20th, 2021 / Categories: Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, The Quietly Good Newsletter /

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