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The temptation to be seduced by shiny marketing solutions is always there. 

When things are going well, the thought may occur (or more likely be pitched to you) that with a new approach, whatever it is, sales will rocket even higher. 

It’s more understandable to be seduced by new solutions when things are going badly.

“If we just did more of this or had some of that, like XYZ do, results would be better.”

That’s a mantra I’ve often heard from underperforming salespeople.  

When things aren’t going well, a change of some kind is undoubtedly needed.

That’s when examining and rebuilding the fundamentals of the offer is the most reliable route out of trouble. 

With a roaring success, doing more of what is already working and enhancing whatever those things are is better than taking some new course. 

In both cases, finding the straightest, most direct road to the people you want to be doing business with and hacking away everything else is the route to improved results and less stress. 

One part of that direct sales process, that helps you get to the heart of why buyers refuse you, is a deeper understanding of objections and a strategy for defeating them. 

It’s not about referring you here to a list of the “top twenty sales objections and how to deal with them.” 

Those lists and answers abound for free on search engines. 

Instead, I’m talking about an essential part of the hacking away process, one that forges a direct route to the hearts, minds and wallets of your audience. 

It’s such a vital subject that the latest issue of the Quietly Good newsletter is devoted to it. 

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Published On: October 16th, 2021 / Categories: Digital Marketing, Sales Management, The Quietly Good Newsletter /

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