“Looking at small advantages prevents great affairs from being accomplished” 

These are not the words of some great business negotiator but one of the world’s greatest philosophers, Confucius. 

It’s a quotation about focusing on the bigger picture. 

About not letting small details sidetrack us from significant objectives. 

For business, it’s very pertinent to negotiation. 

If you celebrate your sales negotiations as victories when you keep scoring small advantages from your buyer, perhaps you’re missing some more extensive opportunities (and wins). 

First, you have to know what a bigger victory looks like with each person you do business with. 

If you want tremendous, long-term value, you have to offer the same to your client. 

Approach negotiation with a closed, hard-ass “I’m not giving up anything” mindset, and you may win an order, but you’ll probably lose;

  • The opportunity to grow with the client’s business
  • A relationship with the buyer that extends beyond a transactional arrangement
  • The chance to see new ways to work with each other

It’s great fun to surprise hard-nosed buyers by offering them a better deal than they were expecting. 

Their game-face disappears when you offer them an unexpected advantage. 

The advantages can be “soft” benefits as opposed to “hard” discounts and low prices. 

Joint promotions, dedicated space for client products on trade show stands, more extended trial periods are just a few of the “soft” advantages you can offer. 

Mutual and co-beneficial things like these help you get those great affairs accomplished. 

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Very best,  


David O’Beirne 

Published On: September 29th, 2021 / Categories: Email Marketing, The Quietly Good Newsletter /

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