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The most critical element in email marketing is not the copy, the headline or the offer. 

Of course, they’re important (heck, I write copy), but without a cracking good list to send those words and deals to, you’re scuppered.  

As you might expect, emails sent in the past couple of weeks have received lots of “Out of Office/En Vacance” replies. 

That’s because the summer holiday season is in full swing, even if the weather here in Blighty doesn’t realise it. 

One big difference I’ve noticed this year compared to last, apart from the erratic weather, is the number of bounces and “I’m no longer with” messages received across various client lists. 

I’m pretty sure it’s because lockdowns and remote working have made it harder to keep track of the movements of clients and prospects. 

If this is a problem for your company, I have a solution.

Before we get to that, here’s why bounce rates and redundant mailboxes need attention. 

They both represent a direct and an indirect cost to a business. 

The direct cost is that an email sender like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor charges for the total number of emails sent, whether or not they go to valid and current email addresses. 

The indirect cost can be much higher if you think about the potential sales you may lose from chunks of a list designed to provide leads and sales. 

If your company operates an in-house email system, you may have data management under control, although the Pandemic and home working may have affected workflow. 

Either way, if your contact lists need some cleaning and updating, we can help.

BTW: just before COVID-19 hit the world, I read the following; 

“According  to an article by leading analytics business SAS, up to 40 per cent of all strategic processes fail because of poor data.”

I’m guessing that stat will have only worsened since publication. 

Clean-up to clean-up on sales and those strategic processes 

If you would like your list to be tighter, cleaner and more sales productive, send me an email and tell me how many names you would like cleaned and tested. 

With those details, I can work out a price and a delivery time for the job. 

Testing, by the way, means validating all email addresses before we send your beautifully laundered list back to you. 

My email address is

Very best,

David O’Beirne 

Published On: August 17th, 2021 / Categories: Copywriting, Data Management, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing /

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