“When you ask a business owner to articulate clearly and concisely in one paragraph or less his or her you USP most business owners have no answer. Why? Because they have never thought through or offer a Unique Selling Proposition. Most only have a “me too” rudderless business that feeds solely on the momentum of the marketplace.”
Jay Abraham, reputedly the world’s highest-paid marketing consultant

A while back, I attended a talk where the speaker said the age of the USP was over. 

He’s not the only one to believe and champion this message. 

Stories and “Killer Propositions” are among the things that some “experts” say have superseded the good old USP. 

And yet, I’m still inclined to believe the viewpoint of the hallowed (and very wealthy) Jay Abraham quoted at the top of this page. 

Why? Because having worked in or with various businesses that were seeking to grow, a clear marketing position has always been a key ingredient of success. 

That doesn’t mean that story telling and the scary sounding “Killer Proposition” have no place. 

They do but in order to get those things to resonate with a target market, you need to know why what you offer is worth buying (and from you as opposed to somebody else). 

The USP is one of the strategies examined and recommended in the current issue of the Quietly Good Newsletter. 

And if you don’t like that idea there are other strategies to choose from but I must admit, they don’t include stories or killer propositions. 

On the other hand, everything you will read is tried and tested in the actual world of sales. 

Full details can be found via this page

Very best,

David O’Beirne 

Published On: May 18th, 2021 / Categories: Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Sales, The Quietly Good Newsletter /

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