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If your company produces newsletters, digital or printed, do they generate response? 

“Response” doesn’t have to mean a sale. 

Depending on the content, a response could mean replies to a survey, entries for a competition, confirmation of a place at your AGM or something else entirely. 

Calls to action help you understand whether or not your newsletter is being read. 

They can also help you gauge which topics are of the greatest interest. 

Your newsletter serves its purpose when it’s read and acted upon.   

What you don’t want your newsletter to be is bland (see survey note below).

Blandness means that the newsletter was a job to be completed. It was on the “To-Do List”, and now it’s not. It’s a job done. 

If your newsletter doesn’t convey excitement and interest, it’s time for a rethink. 

Keep in mind that if you send your newsletter digitally, it can trigger unsubscribes from your list. 

A 2019 survey in the Netherlands highlighted that roughly 60 percent of Dutch respondents unsubscribed because the subjects in the newsletters were not interesting to them (source Statista).

If you think your newsletters might be losing your company fans rather than gaining them, we should talk. 

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