There’s a ton of competition for eyeballs when you sell using the written word: Photo by Matthew Guay on Unsplash

Yosemite Sam is one of my favourite cartoon characters. 

He’s a rootin, tootin, ornery kind of guy, and as his famous catchphrase states, when faced with something new, he’s agin it!

Sam reminds me in many ways of buyers I’ve pitched. 

Many took Sam’s open-minded approach to what I was offering. 

From the very start of a conversation, they made it plain they were very much “agin” whatever it was I was offering. 

They didn’t need it; didn’t want it; had never heard of it, and were damn sure it would be useless to them and their business. 

And so, just like Bugs Bunny, I would have to find a way to break through the barriers shot off every few seconds as we began our discussion. 

This scenario happened over the phone and face to face.

Apart from forging me into a very resilient salesperson, it helped make me a very effective copywriter. 

Selling using the written word is no different to the scenarios described above. 

 In many ways, it’s more challenging.    

There’s more competition for those eyeballs for a start. 

However, once whatever it is you’ve written is being read, it must answer and overcome the reader’s suspicions, mistrust, and downright orneriness. 

It’s the Sam factor in a different medium. 

If your emails and landing pages aren’t working as effectively as you think they should, it could be that your sales arguments are off-pitch. 

Sam is shooting them down and moving on.

The good news is that we offer a FREE email health check.

Send three of your most recent emails to 

I’ll send recommendations for improvements if I think they’re needed.

You are free to act on those recommendations or disregard them as you wish.  

However, if you like the recommendations, we might persuade you to let us go to work on your behalf.

There’s no catch. You get the recommendations. 

Doesn’t that sound like a rootin, tootin, good deal to you?

Very best,

David O’Beirne 

Published On: April 30th, 2021 / Categories: Content Marketing, Copywriting, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing /

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