Email bounce rates are increasing; Photo by Samuel-Elias Nadler on Unsplash

What comes before a great response to an email campaign? 

Excellent copy and creativity?  

Both certainly help. 

However, the best copy coupled to a great landing page won’t yield much if the list you’re relying on is shot full of holes. 

The pandemic and its fallout are wreaking havoc with many lists.

It’s punching holes in lists of all kinds. 

Bounce rates have increased dramatically. 

The reason for this appears to be redundancy and changes to roles. 

Many companies have been forced to reorganise and regroup. 

Perhaps, yours has too. 

I’ve seen many out of office replies written for the Christmas break still appearing on automated responses to emails sent by clients. 

People promising to be back in the office in January have not returned. 

Hopefully, many will return to work when their furlough period ends. 

In the meantime, their absence contributes to those bounce rates. 

A solution to the problem is to validate those bouncing email addresses. 

Specialist software checks whether an email address is still working or not. 

We have this software and can use it on your behalf.  

The process is simple. 

Let me know how many email addresses you want to be validated, and I’ll provide a quote plus details of how long the work will take (typically five working days). 

To get the process started, email

Very best,    

David O’Beirne 

Published On: April 26th, 2021 / Categories: Data Management, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, List Building /

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