A few years back, I was made redundant from my corporate job.

It came about because of a massive reshuffle within my part of the organisation.

The senior team with whom I worked were replaced.

According to the internal blurb, we had to make way for a new broom that would deliver tremendous growth and a fantastically bright future.

Bear in mind that the exiting team had just delivered record profits, a highly challenging three-year goal, and were (briefly) hailed as heroes.

But corporate life can be fickle. Like Oliver Twist, our bosses wanted more.

And so it came to pass.

We left, the new guy came, stayed about a year, in which time, he and his new team of big talkers wrecked the business and were then made to leave.

During their time, chaos reigned because the new leader and his team knew very little about how the business worked.

A business model supposedly successful elsewhere was dropped onto the new assignment.

Sadly, the dynamic and profitable promised future faded like a mirage in the desert.

The ramifications inside the company went further, but that’s another story.

By the way, I’m not gloating. Good people I hired and worked with for years lost their jobs as part of this debacle.

It all just seemed so pointless and, ultimately, so dumb.

What’s the moral of the story?

Work with the quietly good.

People who talk less and do more; individuals who can tell you how they will achieve what they say in a way you understand and trust.

That’s what our FREE Email Response Rate Health Check offers.

No huge promises. No blinding with science. It’s just a view on whether your email is working as effectively as possible from people who specialise in building sales with this medium.

It works like this; 

Reply to this email, and I’ll send you a short questionnaire plus a request to see a sample of your most recent emails.

Following that, I’ll send recommendations for improvements if I think they’re needed.

You are free to act on those recommendations or disregard them as you wish.

If you like the recommendations, I might persuade you to let my team and me get to work on your behalf.

There’s no catch. You get the recommendations whether you work with me in the future or not.

Very best,

David O’Beirne 

Published On: April 13th, 2021 / Categories: Copywriting, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Sales /

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