Are you disappointed with response rates, and do you want to improve them?

Specifically, I’m talking about email response rates.

Not open rates nor clicks unless those clicks trigger a direct response.

And, direct response in this situation means triggering something that leads to a sales action.

That action could be placing an order, requesting a sales appointment, a quotation or some other form of direct sales activity. 

If the level of requests like those has been falling in your recent email campaigns, you might want to avail yourself of my FREE Email Response Rate Health Check.

It works like this;

Reply to this email, and I’ll send you a short questionnaire plus a request to see a sample of your most recent emails.

Following that, I’ll send recommendations for improvements if I think they’re needed.

You are free to act on those recommendations or disregard them as you wish.

However, if you like the recommendations, I might persuade you to let my team and me get to work on your behalf.

There’s no catch. You get the recommendations whether you work with me in the future or not.

Very best,

David O’Beirne 

Published On: April 10th, 2021 / Categories: Copywriting, Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Small Business Marketing /

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