Copywriting is one of the most underestimated elements of marketing.

Underestimated because it can do so much to affect the sales of a product or even a company.

One of the best descriptions of copywriting you can find is by advertising legend, Claude Hopkins.

It’s within the pages of his book Scientific Advertising, written way back in 1927.

He said that copywriting is “Salesmanship in print.”

In today’s digital age that could read “salesmanship in the written word.”

Claude Hopkin’s book has been a foundational text for many thousands of direct marketing people ever since.

It was a seminal work because it showed a study of advertising, unlike anything that had come before it.

As the title suggested, it took a scientific approach to the subject.

Explaining how to measure advertising effectiveness and the return on money spent were innovations when this book first published.

In his excellent book, Ogilvy On Advertising, David Ogilvy, the legendary advertising chief says this about copywriters;

“Copywriters may not be the most visible people in agencies, but they are the most important.” 

Copywriting is a skill, and it’s not just about using words effectively, though that is, of course, an essential part of the job.

What are we selling and to whom?

Perhaps even more important than the words is crafting the proposition; for copywriters, that job often requires much digging and questioning. 

You have to interpret; you have to dig out from your client what’s in it for THEM; the prospective clients we hope will be receptive to the emails or the ads created.

Often, you have to clarify who exactly the customer is or should be with your client.

Stripping things away to get to the heart of a proposition can help define who the client is and why they will be interested in what you offer.

Without this knowledge, producing something that resonates with the target audience will be hard.

So, if you are a client briefing for copy or content, this clarity will significantly help you achieve a successful result.

Today, copywriting has for many clients been overtaken by “content marketing.”

However, the truth is, excellent copywriters have been “content marketing” for decades.

How? By always focusing on the most prominent benefits that a product or service would bring to the lives of those who purchased the thing they were marketing.

They put those benefits into direct mail pieces, sales letters, brochures, faxes, newspaper and magazine advertisements, postcards and a host of other non-digital communications.

Today, they are writing for emails, lead magnets, landing pages, digital brochures and newsletters and the many other things that a company like yours produces.

Ultimately, copywriters, of which I’m one, are converters.

We convert those who don’t know or buy from your business but could or should, into paying fans of your product or service. 

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David O’Beirne 

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