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“What have the Romans ever done for us” is one of the most memorable scenes from the Monty Python movie “Life of Brian.”

It turns out; the Romans did a lot of positive things in the eyes of the would-be Jewish rebels discussing the question.

When it comes to marketing a business, adapting the question can be helpful.

It can provide clarity of thinking.

If we turn the question into a statement like “this is what we will do for you,” we can build an exact marketing position for a business, product or campaign.

Whenever you’re suffering from muddled thinking about how to move things forward, this is an excellent statement on which to focus.

Does your marketing in whatever form, make it crystal clear what your business, product or service will do for someone who buys it?

Does it show the greatest benefit your clients will gain?

Or, how will their lives be improved?

Previously, I’ve written about the danger of blah, blah, blah marketing. 

It’s the treadmill of doing “marketing” whether it be social media, content marketing, videos or anything else.

Much of this work, though well-intended, lacks substance for the other party; your would-be clients or even your current clients.

If you ever wonder why you’re getting so little engagement from all of that activity, the answer is;

  1. There’s so much stuff out there (and you’re adding to it)
  2. What you’re saying is not resonating with your audience

“This is what we or it will do for you” is not said clearly enough.

Is this phrase a panacea for all sales problems? No, it’s not. 

But it’s a starting point when looking for solutions to falling sales or a lack of revenue growth.

It’s also the starting point for refining products and services and making them more relevant or desirable.

Here’s why it’s so powerful;

You have to think about the client; what works for them and not about you, your business or your problems.

As ever, the solution lies in the hands of your clients current and future.  

It always does.

The saying “happy wife (other terms can be applied), happy life,” explains how husbands can avoid problems for themselves at home.

The solution to avoiding strife and heartache lies in keeping the other party happy and content.

It’s an ongoing process at home or in business.

Here’s a further thought.

The best salespeople are those who explain things clearly and directly without “waffle.”

If you work in marketing, you can sharpen your copy and message considerably by listening to how top salespeople sell.

They are masters at explaining “this is what we will do for you.”

Their conversations with prospective clients often lead to fine-tuning of the product or service they are selling.

The refinements make the product even more relevant, useful or advantageous to individual buyers.

It’s how and why top salespeople close so many deals. 

They listen intently to what is being said by the other side, their focus is on them and what it’s going to take to make the sale.

On the other hand, salespeople who talk more than would-be clients, or who don’t pay close attention to what’s said, close fewer sales.

All of this is another way of demonstrating the “this is what we will do for you” mantra.

It’s the kind of thinking and work we do in one form or another for our clients, and we would be delighted to help your business too.

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Very best,

David O’Beirne 

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