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When you read a book, do you write on its pages or highlight passages?

I do if they hit a nerve or trigger an idea as I’m reading.

One recently acquired book now marked in many places, is “This is Marketing” by Seth Godin.

I think I have re-read this excellent book at least three times, excluding many re-visits to a particular phrase or page.

Here’s one of those oft-visited quotes, you might find it useful too.

“Offer ways to go deeper. Instead of looking for members for your work, look for ways to do work for your members.”

If you work in sales, you’ll know all about the pressure to “find new business.”

Usually, this means bringing-in contracts from new clients.

It’s rarer to think about finding ways to increase sales or the connection with the clients you already have.

That’s going deeper and the way “to do work for your members.”

How might you do this?

Communicating regularly with your clients and listening carefully to what they say when they respond is a proven method.

Responses and insights from people who are already working with you are often the triggers for new and better ways of providing a more in-depth service.

In the copywriting and marketing consultancy work I do for my clients, I always seek out ways in which they can provide a more comprehensive service to their existing clients.

It’s a powerful route to increasing the lifetime value of individual clients and to enjoying a deeper working partnership.

New clients benefit too when they work with a company that offers a more comprehensive service than others in the market.

They quickly find that their new supplier does things differently.

A more comprehensive or more reliable process is often the first sign of that difference.

The essential thing about this strategy is that you can be commercially successful with fewer clients. 

If you would like to apply this way of working to your sales and marketing process, let’s have a conversation.

Email and we can arrange a call.

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